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Madeira Threads
madeira threadstands

Now in stock Madeira Aerofil – All purpose sewing thread for garments/quilting/overlocking. available in 100m, 400m and 1,000m spools

Pressing stick – hard wood 60cm: $20

Clappers – Handmade with indents in the side. Small: $30, Large: $35

Ham holder: $34

Pressing hams: $24.15
Sleeve roll: $21.55

Point Press – Handmade press collars and tight areas with ease: $49

Shoulder hams – Great for setting in sleeves, covered with wadding and calico, stable, and great for steaming out ease-in sleeve heads: $50

Sleeve board – Large and narrow, fabrics will vary: $49

Please email or call the shop to order, and pay by credit card.